We’re a family of three and we love games! 

Like most guys in our generation my husband (J) started playing when he was still a kid. I (N), on the other hand, only got into it after we got married. When our daughter (Y) was born our priorities of course shifted, but instead of totally turning our backs on gaming we decided to teach her. And now here we are.

This page is our passion project more than anything else. Here we write about the games we’ve tried and/or are currently playing, in particular the ones we love. It is also a great platform for Y – who is 9 years old – to develop her writing skills and find her voice.

Join us as we go through games of all types – from board games and cards, to video and mobile games. If you’re also parents, great! Our posts might help you find the best games for your kids or ones that you can play as a family. 😊