Rocitizens in Roblox: A Kid’s Review

11/18/2016: My REACTION to an update on RoCitizens 

Before we go to Rocitizens, here’s my Roblox Review.

Today I am reviewing a game in Roblox called Rocitizens. It’s a simulation game like “Sims”. Here you can choose your job, and work to earn money. Money is for buying clothes, food, furniture, and especially a house. Ever since I played it, I always play for hours! Like, I remember one day that I played it for ONE WHOLE DAY. It’s a great game made by “Firebrand1”, a player in Roblox.  So let’s get this started with the basics.

Rocitizens cover

To open a door, you should click on it and it will open; same with the lights and curtains.

If you want to get a job, you should step on the glowing blue circle and the information about the job will appear on your screen. After that, if you like the job, click start and work. If you are done working or if you don’t want to work anymore, click “end shift” at the upper right part of your screen. Some jobs require you not to go away from your work space. Other specific jobs like robbing and being a police will allow you to go anywhere you want. But if you go to your home, even if you are a police or a robber, your shift will end automatically.



At the bottom of your screen, you will see the time and date. Those are seen at the center of the tab below. At the RIGHT side you will see these icons: phone, customization, inventory, emotions, and help. Let’s talk about these one by one.

Phone: This icon will show your phone which has the following:messages, news, parties, house, car, wallpapers and restart.

  • In “Messages”, you can private chat with other players, like a real phone.
  • The “News” icon will show the latest updates about the game, and you will see what version it is.
  • The “Parties” icon will show party invitations by other players, and if you accept their invitation, you will spawn at the door of their house. You can also throw a party yourself, just click “throw party” at the bottom of your phone.
  • The My House icon will show you options on what you can do to your house. It shows “demolish”, “roommates”, “customize” and “go to”.
    • Demolish: This will demolish your house. You can still build another house, though, and the items inside the first one will be saved.
    • Roommates: You can make another player be your roommate. This will allow the player to interact with doors, curtains, lights and other interactive items in your house.
    • Customize: This icon will allow you to change the color of your roof, walls, trims, doors,windows, curtains, and other rooms.
    • Go To: Teleport to the front door of your house.
  • The My Car icon has different options:
    • Spawn: This will spawn your car, depending if you already have a house or not. If you have a house, it will spawn at your home. If you don’t have a house, it will spawn at the parking garage at the edge of the map.
    • Go To: Teleport to your car.
    • Lock: This will disallow other players to go inside your car.
    • Lights: It will turn on the lights of your car. Very useful if it’s raining, night, or if the sky is foggy.
    • Paint: Will allow you to change the color of your car.
  • Next is the “Wallpaper”  icon. It will allow you to change the wallpaper of your phone.
  • Last is the “Restart” icon. if you click it, a warning will appear saying ” This action cannot be reversed” because it will restart ALL your progress that you made.

Customization: You can customize the looks of your character in here.

  • Note: You can buy clothes at “Bailley’s Summer Shop” and the shop next to it.



Inventory: Clicking on this icon will show your items in sections like food, blueprints, furniture, etc.


Emotions: This will let you express your emotions through actions.


Help: This will answer your questions about the game.


At the LEFT side of the tab are the following icons: hygiene, comfort, hunger, entertainment, and energy. Hovering your mouse pointer over these will show the following:

  • Hygiene – how clean your player is
  • Comfort – how comfortable your player is
  • Hunger – how hungry your player is
  • Entertainment – how entertained your player is
  • Energy – how tired your player is.


At the BOTTOM LEFT corner of the screen is the shop. There you will find the following:

  • Money – Here you can use your Robux to buy money.


  • Perks – You can buy different kinds of perks with Robux.


  • Furniture – This will allow you to buy furniture for your home.


  • Blueprints- Used to build a house.


  • Codes – If you know any code, type it here and the command will happen.



  • ilovefirebrand1- Gives you 4,000 money inside the game ( really firebrand?)
  • cantthinkofcodenames- Gives you 2,000 money inside the game
  • jobzncarz- Gives you 1,500 money inside the game
  • youwishyouhadafish- Gives you 1,500 money inside the game
  • ihaveafish- Gives you 1,000 money inside the game
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty- Gives you a free “sovereignty computer” inside the game


  • bugsareannoying- Gives you 2,500 money inside the game
  • xmasbonus- Gives you 1,500 money inside the game
  • allthemoola- Gives you 1,000 money inside the game
  • gimmegimmegimme- Gives you 750 money inside the game
  • canigetahottub- Gives you a free “hot tub” inside the game
  • cornerpocket- Gives you a free “pool table” inside the game


I did not invent these codes. Also, they can only be used once.



-It is very fun.

-It is like a real life experience.

-It is a good time killer.

-It teaches you skills on how to save your money.


-Many people online date in this game.

-It is very hard that you have to exert so much effort to have money because every job gives you like only 7 money per hour ( in the game).

-This game is not suitable for mobile because it is ALWAYS LAGGING!!!

Screen Shots: 




This game has more pros than cons because it is very fun!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks so much for this! Super helpful 🙂


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