Sushi Go!: A Kid’s Review

Looking for a game that is cute? Look no further than Sushi Go! When the game starts, you should distribute cards equally to each player. It depends how many players there are. If you’re only two, ten cards each. If three players, nine cards each; four, eight cards; and five, seven cards.

The Rules

The rule is when all the players get their cards, they will each pick a card and put it face down on the table. After revealing the cards, the players will pass the remaining cards to their left and they will have a smaller but new set of cards. The round will end when they show the last card on their hands. Then they will add (and multiply) to see how many points they have. They will remember their score and start a new round. There are three rounds in one game. The player who has the highest score after playing all three rounds wins.

The Cards

Cards have different characteristics. Here are the cards: 

  • Maki rolls
  • Tempura
  • Sashimi
  • Dumplings
  • Nigiri( egg, squid, and salmon)
  • Wasabi
  • Puddings, and 
  • Chopsticks

Maki rolls are very competitive. If you have the most number of maki roll cards, you will earn six points; second, three points; and when you are last you won’t have any points. That’s too bad! What if two players have equal points? They split the six into two, so they both earn three points. 

Next is the Tempura. If you have two of them, you will get five points. If you have only one, bad luck for you! You will not have points. Woohoo for team effort. 

The most “you have to exert effort” is the Sashimi. Have three and you’re not only safe, but also you will earn ten points. I repeat, TEN POINTS! Imagine that! But if you only have two or one, I will feel sorry for you. You will earn no points. 

Another card that will bail you out is the Dumpling. Have one, one point. Two, three points. Three, six points. Four, ten points. Five and more, fifteen points. No negative in here. 

Next is the one and only, Nigiri! The points will depend on what kind of Nigiri you have. If squid, three points; salmon, two points; and egg, one point only. My tummy is rumbling now. 😁

If you want your Nigiri to be three times better, look no further, Wasabi to the rescue! These cuties will multiply your Nigiri by three. But i warn you, place the Wasabi before the Nigiri or else… It will not multiply your Nigiri. So always remember that or else you will end up trying to find another Nigiri again. 

Next are the Chopsticks. Place the card on the table and wait for the next turn. After you wait, if all players have chosen their cards, scream “SUSHI GO!” loud so your neighbor will hear you. Then, put it in your deck and place two cards on the table. Swapping miracle! But just to leave a note, scream “Sushi Go!” if you are going to use it. 

The friend or foe, Pudding! This will only work in the last round, but you can start piling up some Pudding from the start. If you have the most pudding cards, you are victorious because you earn six points. But the bad side is that if you have the least, minus six. You are safe if you are second, but you won’t earn or be minus six. If you have equal number of puddings with the highest player, you will split the points 50-50. But if you are equal with the person with the least puddings, hashtag share the pain, 50-50. So those are all the cards.

Why I like this game:

  • It is easy and quick to play.
  • It is kid friendly.
  • It will improve your mathematics skill.
  • It is so cute!😊
  • It is fun, this is a game for family bonding.
  • I do not like this game… I love it! 
  • It has no cons!!! 

So find the nearest gaming store and go get Sushi Go, too!😊


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