The Sandbox: A Kid’s Review

A creative game where you can share your creations. You can also play some minigames. Some games are bought with real money, while the others are free ( I recomend playing the tutorial first ). There are also minigames that require buying some elements. All elements have different characteristics like dirt and sand, they don’t float in the air. To buy the elements you need some mana. You can earn it by playing games and earning trophies. You also have an option to earn mana by playing the daily quest, or buying some with real money. When you want to share the creation that you made, you can press the world button and press save. After that, you can press share to proceed. Sometimes the name of your world is the same with another world. When this happens you can change its name. You can only post one creation per day. If you want to view the creations of other players, press gallery at the title screen. There you can search worlds.


This is the main menu:

This is where imagination starts:

This is the gallery:

This is where you play minigames:

The Pixel God:

Final thoughts:

– you can unleash your imagination here

– it’s free

– you can play this offline

– and, there are no bad things!

Go and download this game and play it!


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