Roblox: A Kid’s Review

Update: Here’s my review about my favorite Roblox game, Rocitizens!

Roblox is an online game where you explore the games created by other players. You can also make your own game when you download Roblox Studio. This game is free but if you want to spend virtual money like Robux and Tix (virtual money) it will cost you real money. But, you can still play without buying anything. When you start Roblox you can either make an account or play as a guest. If you made an account the screen you will see is like the picture below.

Roblox 1

That is called Home. There you can see your friends and the recent games you played.  Robux and Tix are used in the catalog. The catalog is where you use your Robux and Tix to buy some clothes and gears to customize your character.

Roblox 2Roblox 3

To customize your character you should go to the menu and click Avatar. There you can dress up your character with the clothes you bought at the catalog. And when you play games you will see that your character has something else on than what they wore on the earlier game you played.

Roblox 4Roblox 5

Some other games also need to be purchased with Robux. Some games have extras like gear and tools that require Robux to buy them. When you click Games at the top of your screen, you will see a collection of games depending on the category that you picked. For example you picked “popular games” and the other category is “horror games”.

Roblox 6

If you want to create your own game and if you have downloaded Roblox Studio, you’re ready to rock!

* If you want to know more about Roblox Studio, See the tutorial there!

Roblox 7

If you have become friends with an online player, you can click the menu, find their name, click the Add Friend next to the name of the player.

Roblox 8

Then, when you go back, click the menu, then click the Friends category, and you will see that the player you added is there.

Roblox 9

You can also send messages to your friend if you want to say something.


Roblox 91


Why I like this game: 

  • You can make new friends.
  • There are thousands of games to choose from.
  • The game is very fun.

A few complaints:

  • Sometimes you don’t know that you have been playing for HOURS.
  • The first complaint actually leads to strained eyes so always look at the time!


Is this game ok for other children?

Yes! This game is really suitable for kids.


Go and download Roblox! Explore games! The possibilities are endless.


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